Postal address: 9700 Szombathely, Károlyi Gáspár tér 4.

Internal phone number: 393

When dialling from outside: 94/504-393

Fax No.: 94/504-393

Head of Unit: 

Keszeiné Barki Katalin




The Central Library of the Campus Savaria of the University of Western Hungary is a public library, serving higher education and functioning also as a specialised pedagogy library. The stock and the services of the Library are available in the Central Library and in the Foreign Language Library.


Tasks of the Library:
 Providing information and literature to support the trainings and education at SEK,
 Ensuring the necessary literature and information background for research,
 Functioning as a public library,
 Providing e-information,
 Providing an e-learning environment and
 a social space for the students.


In addition to the conventional services of the Library (borrowing, reading documents within Library premises, book requests from other libraries and providing information) the theses written at the Campus and its predecessor, BDF College and the e-documents of the E-Library are also available for study and research within Library premises. The daily work of students and other visitors have some 200 computer work stations at their disposal, equipped with MS Office programmes, some of which are designated computers of the resource centre, allowing access to the Electronic Information Service (EISZ) ( provided by the National Programme, to the services of the EBSCO databases  ( made available under the Hungarian National Users’ Agreement, as well as to NAVA (National Audiovisual Archive) services.