Student Services Centre

(Office 13 in Building A)

The Student Services Centre has been operating since 1st July, 1987 as part of Campus Savaria and its legal predecessor, the Berzsenyi Dániel College. The Student Services Centre was set up to provide services and information for SEK students and visitors. Its activities include:

Easing social problems:

  • Managing a lodgings database,
  • Providing access to education materials, lecture notes within and outside SEK,
  • Facilitating the exchange of second-hand books,
  • And the binding of theses.

Organising cultural events and functions:

  • Freshmen's Camps, Freshmen’s Balls, Students' Days in cooperation with the Students' Union, Folk Dance Festival Vasi Dödölle , etc.
  • Graduates’ Balls,
  • 5-year Alumni get-togethers,
  • Organising theatre visits, sale of theatre tickets and theatre subscription packages,
  • Organising trips abroad (Prague, Venice, etc.).

Infrastructural, printing house and book binding services:

  • Colour or black-and-white printing,
  • Spiral and heat binding,
  • Business cards and lamination,
  • Free scanning of documents,
  • Sale of SEK gifts, etc.

Opening hours

Monday - Friday:                    8 am – 4 pm
Saturday:                                8 am – 11 am