Postal address: 9700 Szombathely, Károlyi Gáspár tér 4.

Internal phone number: 421; 313

When dialling from outside: 94/504-313

Fax No.: 94/504-313


Head of Unit: Kéri Péter



What is HÖK and what is it there for?
The Students' Union of Campus Savaria of the University of Western Hungary (NYME SEK HÖK) is a body democratically elected by SEK students to stand up for their interests. Its most important task is to represent and defend the interests of SEK students at the various SEK fora.
Each enrolled SEK student is automatically a member of the Students' Union, irrespective of the type of their training programmes. The HÖK Elective Board represents students at University and Faculty Councils and other decision-making organisations. The members of the Students' Union are elected. HÖK members are elected by the students of their respective Faculties.
At overall University level, the highest body to represent students' interest is the EHÖK, whereas the highest body to represent students' interests at Faculty level is the Faculty HÖK. Students' Union decisions are adopted at the sessions of the HÖK Elective Board. Via its democratically elected members and enjoying minimum and maximum voting rights of ¼ and 1/3 respectively as provided for in the Higher Education Act, the Students' Union also participates in the sessions of the Senate and in the Faculty Councils.
The legitimacy of the operation of the Students' Union is safeguarded by a Supervisory Board made up of SEK students. 
Our objectives, that is, what we want and what we can do for SEK students
• Representing and asserting of interests,
• Providing services and organising events and functions,
• Having a say in decisions on grants and other aids available for SEK students and on fees to be paid by them,
• Contributing to decisions on academic achievement grants and awards,
• Prioritising students applying for higher than average grants and for the Grant of the Republic,
• Providing social aid to SEK students on an application basis,
• Providing co-funding to students’ activity groups on an application basis,
• Contributing t the operating of the SEK dormitories,
• Exercising its right granted by the Higher Education Act, namely the right of every student in higher education to voice an opinion on their tutors and lecturers, through the questionnaire Student’s Opinion of Lecturer’s Work,
• Organising and ensuring quality entertainment for SEK students and lecturers alike as part of the annual Students’ Days, Freshmen’s Camp, Freshmen’s Ball, Department and Faculty Days. We also make sure that the SEK Parties throughout the academic year take place under proper and good circumstances.
We also keep in touch with the National Conference of Students’ Unions (HÖOK).