Dear Visitor,

dr. Katalin Molnár Horváthné In my capacity as a dean and acting president of the institution, I welcome you to the website of the Savaria Campus of the University of West Hungary. With a history of over five decades, our institution offers training schemes at three faculties: the Faculty of Humanities (BTK), the Faculty of Sciences (TTK) and the Faculty of Visual Arts, Music, Education and Sport (MNSK).

The Savaria Campus awaits its prospective students with three types of courses: Bachelor, Masters and Tertiary Vocational Programmes and we make every effort to provide our students with a marketable diploma.

When looking at the relevant higher education statistics and rankings we can safely say that, in comparison with other universities, the courses offered in Szombathely are of the (as) highest quality (as elsewhere) and can be labelled as competitive both in terms of professional work and financing. Those wishing to continue their studies at our university will enjoy a broad range of benefits including excellent professors, small groups with a highly personal relationship between the students and the instructor and various opportunities in the framework of a programme designed for exceptional talents.

Our students are provided with the opportunity to learn foreign languages (they must hold a language exam to receive their diploma), and to pursue part-time studies at a university abroad owing to the successful Erasmus programmes and the high number of international contacts we have established at the Savaria Campus.

The modern infrastructure available at our three faculties provides excellent conditions for the learning process. Satisfying every demand a student may have, our library was awarded the “Library of the Year” title in 2007. Students’ interests are safeguarded by the Student Union (HÖK), an organisation with a wide sphere of competences exercised in nearly all walks of university life. Our halls of residence are comfortable, well-equipped and have everything students might need during their studies. There are a large number of entertainment facilities available for students, so depending on whether they are into sports, arts or leisure, they will have a wide range of options to choose from.

In addition, Szombathely – a town with age-old Roman traditions – is a spectacular, beautiful and hospitable place. Szombathely has a lot of attractions that make it an ideal location as a university centre. It has a great natural environment, it is located near the Austrian border; it has a bustling sports life (which has recently produced an Olympic champion), a new theatre, a renowned symphony orchestra, a world-class Baroque ensemble, a picture gallery, several museums as well as jazz and classical programmes and a historical carnival held in the summer.

Thank you for visiting our website that, I hope, has satisfied your curiosity. Should you wish to seek information about the application procedure, please feel free to contact us and we hope to welcome you as an undergraduate student in the next academic year at the Savaria Campus of the University of West Hungary.

dr. Katalin Molnár Horváthné
dean and acting president
Savaria Campus, University of West Hungary